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I won’t repeat what I already mentioned in the fine art branch of the Neostalgia project.

But what I will mention here is that I’ve been mulling over and over and over again as to what can be done with the .design extension. I couldn’t pass it up.

So I decided to remove my interests in the digital glitch, more precise political dissent, and illustrative work from Neostalgia Art.

Also, in response to the heated debate about the role of AI and creativity, I re-released the first set of new design work 95% illustrated and written in AI.

The Name

As you will see in the next ‘Neostalgia’ project that there has been a hardlined segmentation between fine art paintings and digital media design.

Both under the roof of Neostalgia.

It was a name, I selected back in high school when AIM was picking up steam, you forged top eight friendships on MySpace, and there wasn’t a better time to be alive.

I’ve also always admired wit & anyone with clever play-on-words.

So I was naturally impressed with myself when I thought of the new nostalgia.

immibrand discovery
immibrand discovery
immibrand discovery








Neostalgia’s primary font is Cornerstone. While I did want to maintain the “socialist poster” influence that is PP Gosa Sans for Neostalgia Art, I couldn’t ignore the fact the .design branch is much more about political dissent of the status quo that I looked to the BLM movement and attempt to echo their voice for the call to equality.


Its workhorse character is Saira. Saira is a surprisingly versatile type family that was readily available as part of Google Font’s archives. It has great legibility at varying scales.

With its semi-smooth geometry, its font anatomy lends to a robot-ish feel with some slight humanity that lends some warmth without softening its stance on identity politics.


The website is powered by WordPress, running on WooCommerce. It is a robust funnel that is clear and concise from brand awareness, education, and conversions.

A main challenge was to deliver a well-designed website that wasn’t “overly designed” and distract from the actual content, which are more illustrations.

Additional features:

  • flexible payment options
  • secured payment encryptions
  • automated cart abandonment follow-up
  • heat map to record user journeys
  • segmented contact form leads
Neostalgia Design home page
immibrand website
immibrand website

Product Design

Again, this initial series was completely created by AI.

I only gave it a few visual plot objectives, voice, art style, design aesthetic, and a few keywords on dissent, political corruption, and anarchy from the status quo.

Because of the current print limitations and the file size that the AI was exporting the image files, I could only print on 8 inches x 8 inches, which also lends itself to the Instagram feed format; a fountain of hypocrisy that prides itself on authenticity, but our Instagram selves often don’t coincide with our real selves.

And the last point to make on product design is that these illustrations are only available on printed metal surfaces, again, reinforcing the brand demeanor in its political stances.

In the Wild

Neostalgia is a made up name and it had the good fortune of having all necessary online domain names and social media profiles. Including where I need to distinguish art + design.

Also note that I hold both domain names “” and “”, which is necessary to cover comms bases when using a .com email address.


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