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I'll work with you at your pace to build a powerful brand that is meant to withstand cultural, political, and technological shifts. No suits and ties allowed.

Step 2: Enroll in the Go BR*ND Yourself! program.

Once you have clarity on what it is that you are meant to do, join my self-paced online course to help you position your budding brand idea into a fully functional business pursuit with real, paying customers and clients. We are eliminating as much risk as possible by validating your proof-of-concept before you make the informed decision to start investing more than your time into this life-changing pivot in your career.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if you want to offer professional services, sell a physical product, or launch a software solution; we simply want to make sure that what you want to sell, people want to buy.

For a third of what you’re paying for Netflix, learn strategies and tactics that will actually move your brand forward.

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Step 3: Book your Brandstorm workshop.

Give me three hours of your undivided attention and we’re going to ideate a full-blown brand strategy for your validated proof-of-concept to hone in on your superpower and get you on the track to quit the day job or side gigs that are preventing you from charging this business head-on.

At the end of the workshop, I’ll ask you a simple question: “did any of this make sense to you?” And if your answer is no and I completely wasted three hours of your life, ask, and I’ll refund 100% of your investment.


Step 4: Level up with a brand identity package.

We’ve had our Brandstorm workshop and you know exactly what needs to be done to go to market. You may now keep me on to help you implement it. But you can also do it yourself or hire another team to do it. Your choice.

Your needs may vary, but typically, we’re going to go full-speed with a website, logo, business collateral, social media profiles, imagery, copywriting, video, automation funnels, and/or pattern designs.


Step 5: Keep me on with one simple retainer fee.

You’ve validated your proof-of-concept, you have paying clients, your product is selling, but you’re still not a graphic + web designer.

Keep me on for all of your graphic and web design tasks. Even if you don’t have daily tasks, I will stay productive by monitoring your website’s SEO, optimizing page performance, adjusting content, creating additional content, and providing you with fresh marketing material for you to publish.

And even when it isn’t seo or unlimited tasks that we’re preoccupied with, rest assured that your website gets regular backups and updates. It’s like maintaining a car, but without the depreciation.