Website Optimization

Unlimited tasks from a senior designer, without the senior designer fee. Regular backups, updates, hosting, seo, and graphic design.

Website Maintenance

You’re going to get unsavory hack attempts from malicious servers at worst and spammy dick pill promos at most annoying.

With the Co. hosting your site, you’ll have access to all my premium ($856/yr) WordPress plugin agency licenses that I use for my own brands so you know I also have skin in the game, at no additional cost.

I’ll make sure that your add-on integrations are working tip top so you don’t miss out on client leads, automated onboardings, and product inventory updates.


Web Design Salary

Unlimited Tasks

I worked with you up to this point. How much more will it cost you to onboard and supervise another designer that understands your brand ethos as much as you do?

Get the senior designer quality work, without the added costs of going through a staffing agency.

  • For b2b/c: This could mean training course collateral for your clients;
  • For ecommerce: This could be pattern designs for your print-on-demand store.
  • For saas: This could be pitch decks for new features or ui audits of your web apps.
Graphic Design Salary


SEO isn’t a secret sauce, it’s a hilariously boring consistency. Even when your business isn’t in need of making graphic & web design requests for your website or social media platforms, we’ll have work that can always be optimized, like your website’s seo.

Depending on your Brandstorm workshop objectives, I’ll consistently monitor your website’s seo to keep a pulse on your keywords, publish weekly blog posts, and audit on-page seo.

SEO isn’t a marketing trend of when it’s a good time to get in, it’s an industry standard of just getting in, and staying in.

SEO Salary

Unlimited Tasks are defined as website content updates, copywriting, blog posts, social media posting, flyers, newsletter, and minimal graphics creation. Turnaround is between one to three business days per task.


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