About: Don’t just speak the language, understand your audience’s multicultural brand identity.

Brand storytelling with your audience as the hero.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to captivate audiences and convert them into loyal fans of your brand that not only subscribe to your messaging, but feel empowered enough to share it with those around them.

Clarity is how disjointed brands can get their act together and write stories people will give a damn about.

Martínez Calderón Co or The Co. is a virtual brand consultancy with specific expertise. Our aim is to become Washington DC’s most visible brand strategy + marketing agency for brands that want to target a multicultural audience, specifically the Hispanic market.

The Co. will work with you to help build both your internal brand voice to get to the core of your why and solidify your purpose to build on your external brand identity to cultivate the desired conversations about who you are and what you do, by your audience.


The process is simple, but focused & transparent.

As a social entrepreneur, you understand that doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive. There don’t have to be losers in order for you to win and you don’t prey on scarcity.

Let The Co. help your campaigns create multicultural impact; specifically for creative initiatives. Our team’s combined skills in branding, identity design, search engine optimization (seo), marketing, web design + graphic design, wrapped up with a deep seeded knowledge of multicultural audiences, specifically Hispanic behavioral insights, creates a profound platform for market impact.

Do good. Do well. Green is good.

Own a clear voice that says who you are; or better yet, one that says who you aren't; and match with an audience that gives a damn about why.

An independent & minority owned creative agency.

Saïd Martínez Calderón

Saïd Martínez Calderón


Originally from Mexico City and now living and working in Washington DC, I was brought to this country as an undocumented immigrant at five years old.

Now, fully documented, educated, and strongly opinionated, I’ve made my career as a graphic + web designer for over 15 years working with brands such as The World Bank, Child Fund, AARP, GEICO, and DELL.

I founded Martínez Calderón Co. to collaborate and cooperate with other brands that recognize the importance of augmenting the inevitable voice of our multicultural heritage.

If we are to truly embrace this social experiment we keep calling a melting pot, we must recognize that to be American doesn’t simply mean that we speak good English.

That is the privilege that I currently find myself in, to work alongside people that truly embrace our diversity.

Let’s make some cool stuff happen!

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