Expertise: a stupid, simple approach to brand strategy other agencies insist on complicating.

The BrandstormYour new ride or die process to get clarity on where you stand, who will rally behind you, and why they should give a damn.

Our discovery process with our collaborators, aka our clients, is to first understand why we started this conversation at all.

Many client leads approach The Co. with their end game in mind.

However, clients need to understand and respect the process so that they may separate their individual, or even company collective subjectivity of what their wider audience may be about.

The first pitfall we want to avoid is to throw buzzwords around, like cultured, modern, or sophisticated.

While there is no such thing as objectivity, we want to get a consensus of what we mean when we say these words, contextually.

Together, we can build a mosaic that all relevant stakeholders can understand and champion.

Be they may stories, dreams, nostalgia, food, art, symbols…we’ll align a common language to engage a diverse audience.

The Process

01: The Kick-off Call

You have questions, skepticism, and want to believe. Book a 10-minute call and ask anything I haven’t yet addressed before deciding to work together.

I’ll let you know what I do and how I do it; then it’s your turn.

This isn’t a sales or strategy call. It’s a simple Q&A where you can ask anything to assess whether or not we both think we could work with each other.

02a: The Brandstorm™ Workshop

We start our engagement with a three-hour online workshop where I’ll listen to everything you have to tell me about your organization — who you are, who you serve, how you serve them, and most importantly, WHY.

Together, we’ll uncover a brand + marketing strategy from the ground up. One that sparks interest, is met with emotion, and cultivates loyal relationships.

We’ll look to help you unlock opportunities to better position your brand as the go-to authority of your expertise and the solutions you’re already offering, but in a less 9-5 corporate angle.

At the end of this session, you’ll get an actionable and prioritized game plan in the form of a pdf.

Take it, run with it on your own, give it to your internal team, or keep us on to do it for you.

This offer is yours for a cool $600 USD.

02b: Go BR*ND Yourself!™ Course

We’ve had our kick-off call and the initial $600 investment is just not in your budget right now but you still want to learn more about my expertise as a brand strategist to apply to your budding business idea.

I have created an online, at-your-own-pace course where the main objective is to validate your proof-of-concept and get your first paid client, customer, or investor asap.

No fancy funnels or automations, just straight forward tactics for your overall brand strategy and positioning.

This course is perfect for first-time founders and business owners in consultancy, ecommerce, and saas startups.

Click the button at the bottom of the page to enroll.

03: Brand Identity Design

If you already have another designer/developer in mind you’d rather work with to implement your game plan, you’re more than welcome to go your way.

However, if you want to stick around and get the branding + marketing your organization needs as of right now, we’re going to go full-speed with your identity system: logo, website, social media, marketing & automations (where applicable).

The key asset will be your brand book because it’ll be your source of truth for all other assets you create to cultivate a cohesive brand story.

This engagement starts at $5000 USD, depending on your specific needs.

Case Studies

Select projects that offer a deep-dive into the process of creating brands powered by a just cause.