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Hispanic owned family business with a mission to disrupt an industry where labor exploitation is a common place.

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Roof Roof & Construction Logo & Wordmark.
Roof Roof & Construction Logo & Wordmark.

Roof Roof & Construction LLC emerged in April 2023 when its founders recognized how prevalent homeowner & labor exploitation is in their industry.

While they are launching a traditional blue-collar family business in the Virginia Beach area, they want to leverage technology to streamline & automate the user experience to elevate their image as a smart, future-facing brand.

However, before the business could really take off, a key founding member left the organization, and the original business model turned from being a home services company to becoming a home services marketing firm (think, but without the aggressive & escalating sales tactics.

Resulting in a rebranding of a new brand.


Old Name

While many people understand that a logo isn’t a brand, but a brand does encompass a logo, there are limitations as to when they realize a brand touch-point experience is taking place.

Patrón (Spanish for boss), was a beloved family pet that had recently passed and they wanted to include their memory in the business because the client had strong convictions that dogs have many noble characteristics that a good business should embody.

However, they also wanted to maintain a light-hearted, bright, and friendly voice.

By repeating the word “roof” twice, not only is the company clear as to what services their business provides, they also have to “bark” to say the company name.

This little bark is quite literally part of their brand voice which we tested with a small target audience that was well-received.

ROOF ROOF!!! & Construction.


New Name

We wanted to keep the noble aspects of the original direction of the husky logo, but, because the nature of the work changed, its tone had to morph as well.

We kept the RoofRoof aspect, but it became a much more lighthearted visual mark, than the previous, hard blue-collar labor aspect.

Old Colors




New Colors





Filson Pro

This sans serif family is an excellent workhorse typeface because it has such a healthy weight of fonts with delicate weights to look elevated and elegant; and balanced by the heavy black sets that would be crisp on print.

Filson Pro Typography

Old Website

The website is powered by WordPress.

One of the most important aspects of the brand experience for a roofing company was to not have all the visual clichés of men working on rooftops.

We were much more interested in showcasing the benefits of being able to rely on a brand that does what they say will do, without unwelcomed surprises.

The website’s main objectives were to:

  1. quickly offer information that distinguishes them as quality residential roofing services & trusted financing partners for credibility;
  2. allow the site visitor the choice of how to get in touch, including a calendar they can match with their own availability to reduce warm lead friction; and,
  3. a robust inbound lead magnet that funnels them into an easy-to-understand roof cost calculator to get a ball park estimate and get pre-qualified as a lead for the sales team to follow up with.
Roof Roof & Construction full website home page.

New Website

First and foremost, RoofRoof wants to be known as the helpful brand. The platform that is able to give side-by-side comparisons of stellar home services companies for home owners and property managers to decide who to hire.

So, RoofRoof, at its bones, is a growing directory.

Whether or not companies do business with RoofRoof, they get to have the added benefit of linking to their own websites and social media channels, to augment their market reach.

For those that want additional features, such as capturing client leads and prioritizing them; we created smart logic forms that could do various calculations, such as calculating a roof’s dimensions to give site visitors an initial estimate of their job costs at three price tiers.

Roof Roof & Construction full website home page.

In the Wild + Marketing

We not only had the good fortune of securing relevant domains & social media handles, we were able to add small details to have a water tight seal on url searches. For example:


both domain names redirect to the main domain, which has an added hmph for Google to help categorize it, on top that it reinforces the brand name within the domain. Otherwise, people unfamiliar with the name might interpret the url as suspicisious.


Facebook ads campaign for Roof Roof & Construction leads.

Facebook & Instagram ads brand awareness marketing campaign.

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