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Immibrand is an idea that began in late 2016, shortly after former President Trump had disparaged immigrants, specifically Mexicans, documented or otherwise.

Though it hasn’t been until 2023 that this brand began to shift from a reactionary idea to a proactive campaign that stands against oppressive social policies and resists through its creative Latino pop art anecdotes via social commentary, meme culture, art + illustration.

The Name

Immibrand couldn’t have benefited more from brand strategy as its focal topic is about identity & its politics.

The word-mark execution was simple: reduce visual information without losing readability & understanding. It was an exercise of back-to-basics gestalt design theory.

While the project has been consistent, its deliverable has fluctuated. Originally intended on selling essential apparel, such as tees, jackets, and hoodies…it found a more resonating response through portrait illustration of latin icons.

With a print-on-demand model, Immibrand is able to test several product lines with no overhead costs other than the marketing & nurturing of its primary audience: millennial & gen-x latinos in North America that are proud of their roots and shine an excitement to share it in their physical spaces they call home or place of business.

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Immibrand’s primary font is Cubano, a condensed design with heavy strokes and soft, rounded corners that give it a friendly feel but bold presence that is excellent for short headlines.


Immibrand’s body font family is Futura PT. A popular, and standard typeface, Futura offers clean geometries, easy reading, and a dynamic range in readability at different scales.


The website is powered by WordPress, running on WooCommerce. It is a robust funnel that is clear and concise from brand awareness, education, and conversions.

A main challenge was to deliver a well-designed website that wasn’t “overly designed” and distract from the actual content, which are more illustrations.

Additional features:

  • flexible payment options
  • secured payment encryptions
  • automated cart abandonment follow-up
  • heat map to record user journeys
  • segmented contact form leads
immibrand website
Immibrand product page of Blue Demon luchador.

Product Design

The illustrations are digital, using an iPad. The challenge wasn’t to simply recreate the portrait of a well-known Latin icon, but to add flair and personality that would complement different interior spaces. Some of the work has also been commissioned, where the client decides colors, paint style, and size that is site specific.

While the main deliverable is a portrait on canvas, Immibrand is able to deliver on plexiglass, museum grade poster paper, and even on metallic surfaces.

In the Wild + Marketing

Immibrand is a made up name and it had the good fortune of having all necessary online domain names and social media profiles.


Also, the language & visual identity had to resonate not only as clear and intelligent, but with the ease of a vernacular that most resonates with its working class demographic.

By no means is it “dumbed down,” but it is the Spanglish that is most familiar to Latinos of the 1.5+ generation.


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