10 challenges brands have breaking into the Hispanic market.

10 challenges brands have breaking into the Hispanic market.

Brands that want to sell their products to the Hispanic market are faced with peculiar challenges that weigh heavy on cultural disconnects. Here’s a list of those top challenges and how your organization can address them.

Hispanic market challenges and the solutions

  1. Language barriers – Hire bilingual marketing staff, translate ads and content into Spanish. Also, don’t forget that the same Spanish words have different meanings across different dialects.
  2. Cultural differences – Research Hispanic cultural values and customs, adapt messaging and positioning. Check out our other post on “Latin American celebrations to add to your marketing calendar.”
  3. Lack of media representation – Increase Hispanic representation in ads and campaigns, partner with Hispanic influencers.
  4. Difficulty connecting with younger generations – Leverage digital marketing and social media favored by younger Hispanics.
  5. Not having a tailored strategy – Develop Hispanic-specific marketing plans, don’t just translate general market efforts.
  6. Distribution challenges – Build relationships with Hispanic grocery chains and retailers frequented by the demographic.
  7. Lack of pop culture knowledge – Familiar with the July 2023 breakup of Rauwsalia or the rise of Peso Pluma that topped the Spotify charts after dear Benito, aka Bad Bunny, was seen hanging around Kendall Jenner? Didn’t think so. Immerse marketing teams in Hispanic culture, media, and communities.
  8. Budget constraints – Reallocate a portion of marketing budget specifically for Hispanic efforts. Start small and test.
  9. Measuring ROI – While this is a standard Marketing 101 practice, set specific KPIs for Hispanic marketing efforts, track engagement and conversions. A disproportionate percent of working class Hispanics have little to no use for desktops, so their main source of media consumption is via mobile.
  10. Trust and brand perceptions – Authentically engage the Hispanic community long-term, not just targeting for sales. Build grassroots connections. They can smell Hispandering faster than “caldo de pollo” in 100°F weather.

The Hispanic market, specifically the working class, has a high wall of where they spend their hard-earned dollars; often after being overworked and underpaid.

But they’re also a loyal demographic that once you earn their respect, they’ll be your brand ambassadors.

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