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Mexican punk abstract expressionist painter + illustrator.

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A consequence of having gone to art school that nobody told me about was that you might hate art afterwards.

And after I graduated from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in 2010, I stopped painting.

I stopped painting after I graduated.

In 2021, I started to paint more seriously again. I’m not necessarily an angry person, but I do make angry paintings on occasion; this energy has to go somewhere that is met with less resistance.

I say more seriously because when I did paint after I graduated, and only seldom…I only painted for myself and those close around me. I didn’t try to sell my work and didn’t apply for shows.

But you can only suppress resentment so much. What am I resentful about? The details don’t matter as much as the truth that I’ve started to paint again.

The Name

It’s quite common for today’s fine artists to name their websites after themselves. It’s a small gesture of their entire identity as an artist. I can do other things, in addition to visual self-expression.





Headers + Body

Neostalgia’s primary font is PP Gosha Sans. With its gothic slab weights and sudden sharp angles, it is a perfect specimen that emboldens dissent & intellectual brooding of the strong emotions my paintings also depict.


Product Design

Some of my earliest paintings might be a few from 2013 where I wasn’t selling, but giving them away as wedding gifts. It was my way of finding my children good homes where they could live on a wall and not in my closet.

Then, you can see that I’m still searching for a voice that let’s people know “that’s him.”


The website is powered by WordPress, running on WooCommerce. It is a robust funnel that is clear and concise from brand awareness, education, and conversions.

A main challenge was to deliver a well-designed website that wasn’t “overly designed” and distract from the actual content, which are more illustrations.

Additional features:

  • flexible payment options
  • secured payment encryptions
  • automated cart abandonment follow-up
  • heat map to record user journeys
  • segmented contact form leads

In the Wild



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