The Growing impact of Hispanic influencers on mainstream America.

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Aug 16, 2023 | Culture

Pero like, ¡soy un influencer!

Social media has given a powerful platform to dynamic new voices representing the rich diversity of the Hispanic community. Hispanic influencers across categories – from beauty, food and fashion to comedy, literature, activism, music and more – are expanding the mainstream American cultural landscape with fresh perspectives.

By embracing their cultural heritage as a strength, Hispanic creators are connecting deeply with Latino audiences while also educating the broader public about the diverse Latinx experience. Mainstream collaborations further integrate Hispanic stars into popular culture, helping initiate crucial conversations and connections across communities.

The rise of Hispanic influencers opens our eyes to new possibilities and brings us closer together by disrupting outdated assumptions and celebrating the vibrant blend of cultures that makes the US unique.

Comedy stars break stereotypes with humor.

Lele Pons (50M+ Instagram followers as of August 2023), one of the most popular Latina influencers on social media, uses humor to break down cultural barriers. Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, Pons pokes fun at Latino stereotypes and shares hilarious anecdotes about growing up with a multicultural identity. She represents US-born Hispanic youth who float between English and Spanish while navigating multi-ethnic friend groups and families.

Similar to Pons, Juanpa Zurita (40M+ Instagram followers as of August 2023) leverages his Mexican background and American upbringing for funny, engaging social content. On YouTube, Zurita satirizes common Hispanic parent behaviors and pens odes to traditions like “abuelita’s” cooking. His humor makes the Latino experience relatable. Zurita’s digital comedy empire includes acting, such as a role in the Mexican sitcom “Noobees,” and producing viral short films.

Authentic food content counters assumptions.

On YouTube, Mexican-American chef Illyanna Maisonet demystifies intimidating preparations like tamales in an approachable way. She weaves in personal stories about her tight-knit family, bringing her background to life. Maisonet also uses humor, donning elaborate costumes for videos about dishes like champurrado (a corn-based chocolate drink). Her authenticity and passion for her culture shines through.

Activists drive crucial conversations.

Activist influencers spark important dialogues around issues impacting the Hispanic community. Beauty vlogger Dulce Candy (1M+ Instagram followers as of August 2023), who immigrated from Mexico as a child, discusses topics like racism, police brutality and DACA. She shares her own family’s struggles to raise awareness and create change.

Social justice organizer Jess Morales Rocketto (16K+ Instagram followers as of August 2023) advocates for Hispanic rights. She mobilizes Latina activists nationwide and lifts up critical issues around immigration, healthcare inequality and education access. Rocketto also spotlights positive stories in the Latino community. Her multifaceted content keeps followers engaged.

Beauty content expands narrow standards.

Hispanic beauty influencers are shifting mainstream standards of beauty that have long marginalized Latina features. Makeup expert Desi Perkins (4M+ Instagram followers as of August 2023) provides beauty tips for Latina complexions. She offers hacks for darker undereyes or highlighting naturally tan skin. Perkins collaborates with Kim Kardashian’s KKW beauty line to make products suit a wider audience.

Celebrity collaborations build crossover appeal.

Mainstream collaborations help boost emerging Hispanic talent while introducing diverse artists to wider audiences. Colombian singer Karol G’s features on chart-topping songs like Nicki Minaj’s “Tusa” and Jonas Brother’s “X” showcase her talents. Dominican rapper Tokischa nabbed global fans through collabs with Rosalía and J Balvin.

On social media, crossovers generate buzz between fanbases. A video of TikTok superstar Addison Rae dancing with Mexican pop singer Sofia Reyes became a huge hit. The interaction exposed Reyes to Rae’s 86 million mostly non-Latino followers. Reyes reciprocated by teaching Rae songs in Spanish. These integrations build common ground.

Thought leaders disrupt outdated views

In the literary world, social media allows Hispanic authors to directly engage readers. Benjamin Alire Sáenz (41K+ Instagram followers as of August 2023), who pens young adult books with queer Latinx characters, interacts with fans on Twitter and Instagram. He responds to DMs from struggling teens seeking advice. Followers feel connected to him and the issues explored in his writing.

John and Hank Green, known for educational YouTube channels like CrashCourse, co-authored the novel “The Anthropocene Reviewed” which thoughtfully examines the human impact on Earth. The Mexican-American brothers see social platforms as tools for spreading knowledge and empowerment. They tweet progressive commentary to their engaged fanbase.

Activist Jose Antonio Vargas (40K+ Instagram followers as of August 2023) raises awareness around immigration reform. His Define American non-profit leverages digital media to share humanizing stories about the immigrant experience in the US. Vargas spotlights achievement across industries to combat reductive stereotypes. His work reframes the conversation.

The power of authentic representation.

By boldly embracing their heritage, Hispanic influencers enlarge cultural understanding on social media. They organically integrate Latino perspectives into the social mainstream. Their pride in bilingualism and blended identities represents today’s multifaceted Hispanic youth.

Hispanic influencers invite us into their world on their own terms. Their lived experiences counter one-dimensional stereotypes with humor and vulnerability. They drive crucial conversations and collaborations which reveal shared truths that unite us all.

The growing impact of Latinx creators through digital media reflects our changing national fabric. Their presence inspires us to celebrate our diverse blend of cultures as a strength. Hispanic influencers on social platforms reveal a world of possibilities and bring us closer together.



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